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Mr. Stephen Ajulu

[email protected]:~# whoami

Hi there, my name is Mr. Stephen Ajulu

I'm also known as Sty/57y, Ajulu/4julu, or Alunje

An I.T expert, Cybersecurity Enthusiast,
Green Hat Hacker, Student &

I am also the Director & Founder of Alusa SS Investments Company(Co-f),
Ajulu Technologies, Quevant e-Store & Ajulu's Thoughts.

My Skills & Expertise include:-
  • Web Development and Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Basic Repair and Maintenance
  • First Use Computer/Laptop Setup
  • Ethical Hacking(Intermediate Level)
  • Research and Data Entry
  • Networking
  • Search Engine Optimization and Manipulation
  • Hardware and Software Installation
  • Mastery in Microsoft Office and Other Office Related Software
  • Cybersecurity and Security Rule Implementation
  • I.T Technical Support
  • Linux Terminal Familiarization
  • Novice French Language Speaker/Writer
  • Software Testing
  • Virtualization(Virtual Machines)
  • Technical Writing

  • And wait, there's more. Just get in touch with me by clicking any link in the Contact Information Area below.

Contact Information:

Email Address: [email protected]
Alternative Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: +254 (0) 740 128 010
My Twitter handle is: @57y_4julu.
My GitHub Username:4julu

More about me can be found here and here.
You can also take a look at my blog, by clicking here: Ajulu's Thoughts.