Back in the days of our grand fathers and great grandfathers, boys used to be initiated through pain and suffering in order to become men. There was circumcision(no anesthesia), front teeth pulling(no anesthesia), hunting, killing lions and other wild animals, isolation in forests, beatings, blood letting, “natural” tatooing(like the Sudanese people), fighting, bullet ant glove wearing and more.

I believe some form of initiation needs to be brought back for turning boys to men.

Hi guys. Look, I understand you are depressed, I understand you have no money, I understand you have no motivation but guys, you have no other choice, you absolutely have no other choice.

A woman can stay in her parent’s house until she’s 40 or 50 or even beyond. Yes, there’s the pressure of marriage but that eventually fades. But men even just staying in your parent’s house after 25 is taboo. Men have it 100 times harder in life.

Men are called to be providers and protectors yet no one is willing to provide and protect them.

There’s a reason why the male gender is one of the highest when it comes to depression and suicide. A woman can be crying on the streets and you’ll see society coming to help but men, you’ll be told to man up, you’ll be told to work harder. No one supports men aside from their parents sometimes they are the ones pushing you the hardest.

I love the fact that more and more men are rising to help other men.

Let’s all accept this fact in order to move forward.

Men have it rough. Life is always looking for a way to kick men down. Society doesn’t care.

My guys, if you want to go forward remember that everyone is out to get you. Women are out to get you(except a small minority who after a while will get sick and tired of you if you have no money, lack physical appeal, and can’t protect).

Reports say that more men than women are committing suicide, more men are depressed, more men are getting into drugs in order to escape reality.


Just recently, I got an email from one of the companies I had applied to for a job and this was their response(not word for word). “Hi, sir. Thank you for your application sadly we can not offer you the position requested anymore as we have a new policy and preference towards women. Do try again next time.” I was shocked and I’m not the only one, several of my friends have gotten the same response from different companies.

Men, please realize that it’s leveling up or nothing. Life is getting harder for us.

And it is getting even harder to find wives worth marrying. Women have become more hypergamous, if you aren’t earning as much as them, you are off their radar.

Getting jobs is becoming harder. Society deems the man violent, impulsive, and aggressive. It no longer wants men, it has no use for them. There are no wars. To the point, it’s even redefining masculinity. Look at all the soy boys. Soy boys are 50% more likely to get hired because they can be manipulated.

Guys, you have no other choice.

Any man is willing to accommodate a woman straight out of her mother’s house at 37 even if she doesn’t have a job or a degree but what about men? You will be told to “man up” by the same people attacking masculinity. Men and Soy Boys alike, it’s time to level up physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and mentally!

I’d like to conclude with a quote from Hafeez, host of The Roommates. Modified.

The goal of every man must be to improve himself constantly physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and mentally. Every man must be in a perpetual state of leveling up until he takes his last breath!

Guys, there’s a war on masculinity. One day, go on YouTube and listen to a mordern “feminist” speak. Modern Feminism is toxic. The claim “Equality!”, “Equality!” then kick men down, talk about how toxic masculinity is and how anything men can do, women can do better. I love the idea of women getting the same jobs as men, but I don’t advocate for equality of outcome. Men naturally work harder, are more competitive, are more willing to do extra time, and are better capable of physically challenging tasks. Gender roles need to be brought back. Sadly I’m in no position to say this loudly as I am still a soy boy in the process of becoming a man.

I’ll leave you with this.

Girls naturally transition into womanhood but boys must be initiated into manhood. This is why calling a girl a woman or calling a woman a girl is acceptable whereas the opposite is bad and not condoned. Boys don’t automatically become men.

That’s it from me guys. Remember guys “No Pressure!”. Life is full of joy and fulfillment and you can make it. Don’t commit suicide, stop taking drugs and start working on your body. Try bodyweight exercises. You’ll be fine, there’s plenty in life for you. There are a lot of things you are yet to experience so hang in there but don’t forget that no one is coming to save you and that you don’t find yourself, YOU BUILD YOURSELF.

For those improving themselves


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