I gotta thank Kris from 1STMAN for introducing me to the concept of The Male Advantage → How every man can drastically increase his sexual market value through years of self-improvement.

As I’ve said before, the term SMV is highly misleading, it should be called just Value instead. A man with a high SMV is valuable. Period.

As you increase your SMV, not just attraction but the quality of your entire life goes up → every male celebrity or professional athlete who started off as an ugly duckling is glaring evidence of this.

Rollo’s Sexual Market Value (SMV) graph for men vs women illustrates the Male Advantage (MA) beautifully.

![](*smZM4aRG0WX_olh-.jpeg =700x344)

As the name suggests, women don’t have the MA → their SMV, standing, and “value” in society are largely dependent on their looks.

What more evidence than the Instagram models who are minting money off their OnlyFans ?

Sure, there are brilliant women spearheading research and building companies. But very few men ever go, “Damn! She built a million-dollar company. That’s so hot!”

This Comes Down to Our Evolutionary Wiring

Since women have a high biological cost of sex (9 months of pregnancy plus having to care for the child), they are wired to be picky about who they choose.

While men on the other hand have a very low biological cost (theoretically, one ejaculation can impregnate hundreds of women), we’re driven to spread our seed as far and wide as possible.

In other words, men prefer quantity and women prefer quality.

Add the fact that a woman is rendered largely helpless while carrying a baby and needs someone to care for her and her kids (females are genetically the weaker sex), men need to be providers and protectors as well.

What All This Adds up To

**This means that for men, attraction is largely about a woman’s _looks. _**Sure, a good personality, hobbies, character, etc. weigh in, but they’re minuscule. And that’s a choice.

You might choose to date or marry a well-rounded woman but a zero-personality super-modelesque woman is the one that’s going to get your sex drive racing.

But for women, attraction is defined by a host of things → Sense of humor, confidence, personality, risk-taking ability, grooming, fitness, daring, discipline, and well, looks too.

Why I Called It a Curse

Now, this is great right, any man can put in the work, climb into the top 20% of men and reap the results. — Basically, achieve a life of purpose and abundance?

In theory, yes. But the reason even the MA exists and high-value men get to relish such an amazing lifestyle is because of the bottom 80% of men. But if this were possible, why aren’t most men doing it?

For two reasons → Firstly, most don’t know about the MA. Secondly and majorly, most don’t want to put in the work.

In a world of instant gratification, putting in real work and delaying gratification for years and decades is by no means easy.

This is the curse → most women can ride the age wave (late-teen and early twenties) and experience what it means to be at the top. But men? Nada, it takes work to reach the top and very few of us are willing to do that.

Testament to this is the fact that 85% of women on dating apps find only the top 10 or 15% of men attractive .

For men, below-average literally means the bottom 80 or 85%, not the bottom 50% as the definition of average goes.

Make It a Boon

By giving you this information, I’ve solved half the problem → the other half is on you. Do you want to experience the MA or not?

If you shook your head in a vigorous yes, start right now.

Join the gym and start building a 10/10 aesthetic physique. This will take a shit ton of work.

Go out, talk to people, and improve your social skills. Read books if you’re totally socially inept. Ask out women, develop a thick skin to rejection, and get better and more confident at this.

Learn skills, get a job, start a business, invest smartly, and start side hustles. Build your wealth one brick at a time.

If I’m sounding like a motivation guru, best believe that’s my intent → I write these as much for myself as for you. We’re all in this together.

We men rise only by pulling each other up → not putting each other down like what most do in today’s world.

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