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Today i want to debunk, and explain how Tor and Proxy chains work. What they are. And how to truly become anonymous

Anonymity is an interesting protective weapon, whether inside or outside the computer network. In this post I’ll introduce two basic tips on this topic using Tor and Proxychains, so come on!

What is Tor?

Tor stands for The Onion Router basically just like an onion, there are multi skins hiding what is inside.

Tor was made by the US Navy. So even though it does make you anonymous because it bounces your traffic around. If you do something illegal while using it you can be sure they’ll find you.
It will take a while but they will. It’s their system.
The key to being 80% anonymous is to use a proxy chain together with Tor.

What is A VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is a type of software that allows you to connect to the internet via an encrypted tunnel, which is routed through a server. It hides your IP address and masks your online identity so that all of your online actions are hidden.

What is Proxychains?

This is an open source software for GNU/Linux systems.

Proxychains – a tool that forces any TCP connection made by any given application to follow through proxy like TOR or any other SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP(S) proxy.

To see how they can be used together for maximum security, check out this tutorial.

Proxy chains are basically proxies chained together, this will hide your IP by giving you a different IP and makes people think you come from Russia(or any country depending with the proxies you use) when you’re actually in Kenya because it also bounces your traffic around. The problem with all these methods is you should expect slower internet speeds. Because by bouncing your connection around, websites will load slower. So unless you have like 15mbps internet and above sure your internet connection will be slow. Slow enough to make you bang your computer and start talking to random inanimate objects. So it’s really more of a need to. If you need it go ahead use Tor, to be even safer add proxy-chains and to be even more safer add a non 14 eyes VPN that doesn’t log your traffic, doesn’t ask for much info, you can pay with crypto and in case they are given a court order would rather wipe their hard drives clean than comply and give federal agencies data.

Check this website out to find the best VPN for you: VPN Guide

You can also refer to this website for all things Privacy, Security and Anonymity:

To conclude: these tools used separately result in a privacy nightmare. Used in conjunction and you get the closest thing to 95% security, anonymity and privacy. Remember there is nothing like 100% Anonymity, Security and Privacy. If someone out there wants to find you. It will take time but they will eventually catch up. In Tor the one who owns the end node can see all the data. In VPN the one who owns the company can probably see all the data. In ProxyChains your ISP and the last proxy server can see all the data.

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