Hello, today I’ll be covering tech that’s under 5k.

Wireless Earphones

In this day and age, this is a must. We have all experienced that annoying tangling cable issue. Upgrade and use wireless earphones. Not only don’t they tangle, but they also don’t get in the way when working on something or working out. Here are my top recommendations

i. Oramio Freepods3 at 3,200/=

ii. Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Lite at 2,500/=

iii. Oramio Riff at 2,200/=

Portable Speakers

I won’t even talk too much about this. Bro/Siz, you need this. Being able to play your favorite music come rain come shine is a great feeling.

i. Oramio Portable Speaker and Subwoofer at 2,122/=

ii. Xiaomi Portable Speaker at 2,500/=

Smartwatches and bands

Guys, you need this for accurate monitoring of steps and KMs run. This also helps identify heart issues early on.

i. Oramio Tempo 2 at 4,000/=

ii. Oramio Smart Watch at 3,848/=

iii. Xiaomi MI Band 5 at 3,000/=

iv. Amazfit Band 5 at 4,000/=

v. Realme Smartwatch 2 at 4,700/=

Electric Toothbrush

Just an overall good buy. Most of us don’t know how to brush our teeth so we instead use force thereby wearing down both our teeth and toothbrush. The key is light circular motions and these will definitely come in handy.

i. Fairywill E11 at 4,000/=

ii. Miniso Electric ToothBrush at 600/=

Feature Phone / Mulika Mwizi / Kabambe / Katululu

i. Nokia 105 at 1,400/=

ii. Nokia 106 at 1,500/=

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