Here are the new 1% elite members of society that are silently taking over the world. Are you one of them? if not start striving to become one of them.

The New 1% are:

  • Self-educated: They know that the secret to truly succeeding in this world involves constant self-education.
  • Highly skilled: They take full responsibility for themselves and therefore work on becoming better every day.
  • Emotionally intelligent: They are mature and understand that not everything should be taken seriously. They know how to control their emotions and reactions. They also know the right time for rage, anger, and sadness.
  • Fit and physically capable: They are capable of far more than the average and can easily help others when in need because they are constantly mastering their bodies.
  • High energy
  • Focuses on internal control: Because they know we can’t control everything.
  • Pays little attention to external: Distractions are everywhere. They know that distractions come at a hefty price and hence focus on what is necessary.
  • Works from anywhere: They don’t need an office to work at peak levels. They don’t need jobs to put food on the table. They want an office and a job but don’t need them as they are skilled in the use of the technologies at their disposal.
  • Builds social leverage: Social media for fun? They use it for both fun and profit, knowing which to do at the right time.
  • Invests money and time: They know investing time and money wisely begets more time and money.
  • Write: They journal, write articles, and generally write down their thoughts as they know this is key to becoming more articulate.
  • Value traditional values: They know traditional values were invented for a reason and as such value them.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep: They know sleep is key for a healthy body and brain and hence optimize their sleep ensuring the given time for the body to heal itself.
  • Read: They know little and hence build upon existing knowledge by reading books. Especially philosophy and self-improvement. They also value nonfiction.
  • Love their family: They know family is important.
  • Capable of extreme violence but don’t practice: They know that there’s nothing.
  • Eat right: Their bodies are a symbol of their discipline and as such, they take care of it well by feeding it with the nutrients it needs. Natural and Organic with plenty of meat and animal fats.
  • Watch what they think/see/hear: They know that thoughts are gateways to the soul and as such negative thoughts have a negative influence on their bodies, souls, and reality. They have an abundance mindset.
  • Have/build/join a “tribe”: They know that no man is an island and hence gather together with like-minded people in order to grow as a community.
  • Believe in a Supreme Creator: Let’s be honest, nothing creates itself. Nothing occurs by its self. There has to be a source of creation. I believe this source is God, the creator of Heaven and Earth and since He is the source, he wasn’t created and instead just is. He is, He will be and He will always be there for you. I like what He calls Himself: “I am that I am”. Basically means he existed, he exists and will always exist, there’s no beginning to Him and no end. He is the source and He made us in His own image. Hence the reason we are able to create things.

Align yourself with these and I believe you will be elite. Self-respect is key.

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Have a great day.

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