1. It all starts with your gut.

Are you eating good food or junk food? You should know eating junk food leads to junk-filled organs. This applies to your skin. You want to eat more animal-based fatty foods e.g beef. You want to avoid things made in factories. Eat real food. Like meat, eggs, organs, cruciferous vegetables, tubers, and such. Stay away from sugar and vegetable oils. If your skin is dry, double down your intake of fatty meats. If it’s moderate or too oily eat a slice of good meat with minimum fat.

2. Stop using skin products made in factories or with chemicals you can’t ingest/pronounce.

You need to treat your skin like your mouth and stomach. Apply what you can safely eat or drink without major issues arising. E.g Rosewater, avocado, bee wax, honey, etc.

3. Stop using skin products all together

Your skin is like your stomach, do you really need to ingest something before the stomach can do its job? Then why do that to your skin? The skin is plenty efficient at doing its job.

4. Give your skin some rest

I know a number of you will skip the first 3 tips so at least follow this one. Every Saturday and Sunday apply nothing on your skin. Nothing at all!

See what happens if you do all this for a week. That’s it for now. See you next time.

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