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NB: This article will trigger a lot of people. Continue reading if you would like to learn why and create your masculine character.

I’d like to begin by first defining masculinity. What it is and what it’s not according to me. Then I’ll cover the traits and characteristics you need to integrate and work on.

I believe greatness is coming to all the people who read this and understand it. Feel free to share your thoughts down below in the comments.


Masculinity is the lost art of being a strong, confident, intelligent, skillful, and manly character that is focused on the pursuit of an ultimate goal bigger than himself, women, and those around him.

Masculinity is not toxic, aggressive, and overly sexual. On the contrary, it’s a man who is in constant pursuit of things far greater than himself. Constantly improving himself and those around him. A true high-value man who is solving problems and creating things for the benefit of himself and others.

A man is destined to be a protector and provider. He understands his roles and follows the ways of his ancestors.

In this age of betas, white knights, simps, and soy boys, a masculine man sets himself apart by being a strong, charismatic, and useful member of society.

Tell me who are the first people to respond and react in times of danger? Who makes up the large percentage of protectors? Who provides the most? Who are the most willing to lay down their lives for others?

Never before has masculinity been this demonized. By no means am I saying that Toxic Masculinity doesn’t exist, what I am saying is that a large percentage of so-called feminists have bundled up good/necessary masculinity and toxic masculinity into one thing. Toxic Feminism has made attacking men/masculinity its sole purpose and they are winning! How do I know this? Look at the crime rates. Look at the no of fatherless children. These are the consequences of the erosion of masculinity.

But I like a quote by The Path To Manliness .

“When the barbarians are at the gates, suddenly masculinity is no longer toxic.”

How to create your own masculine character and live up to it

To create one, we first must know the characteristics of one. Here are a few examples. Remember we are working towards becoming a truly high-value man, not faking it. Go against the grain. Pick some characteristics, give yourself a time frame or a deadline then put in the work.

  • Physically, Emotionally and Mentally Strong
  • Intelligent and Highly Skilled
  • Calm, Collected, and Stoic
  • Having the ability to exercise extreme violence but remaining virtuous - A controlled monster. The true meaning of morality, virtue, and humility. Definition first coined by Jordan Peterson . A harmless person is not a virtuous person. When a harmless person tastes power, they cease to be virtuous as they become drunk with it and begin showing their true colors.
  • Self Control
  • A Risk Taker
  • Kind and Generous
  • Playful and Charismatic
  • Assertive and Dominant but not arrogant
  • Independence
  • Leadership
  • Ambition
  • Integrity
  • Socialized
  • Well Dressed and Groomed
  • Respectful
  • Dangerous
  • Focused
  • Sexual - At the appropriate time
  • Mysterious
  • Capable of transmuting sexual energy instead of spilling it carelessly

These are but a few examples. To create your own hyper-masculine character, I’d suggest you pick 5 then work on them.

Physical Strength and Virtue are a must. They ensure you are capable of protecting the things that are important to you without being a bully/brute. You don’t want to be a brute who bullies people in an attempt to garner respect. You want to be a protector. One who is naturally respected.

Skillfulness ensures you are capable of providing for your family.

Make sure that whatever you pick leads you down a path that will guarantee you can provide and protect. As these 2 things are key.

I am no different from beta males. Growing up mostly fatherless is hurting society.

But I am changing things, I am on the journey of becoming a masculine and high-value man. You have to remember it starts with you. Be the change you want to see in society. Don’t just spill your seed carelessly. The world doesn’t need more fatherless children, soy boys, betas, simps, and white knights.

It needs masculine role models willing to take the lead.

I am working on myself, constantly trying to put to death the less desirable traits within me. It’s a battle. But it’s one that I know I can win.

What about you?

I’d like to end with a quote: “Strong Men and Feminine Women Create Good Times, Good Times Create Soft Men and Masculine Women, Soft Men and Masculine Women Create Hard Times, and Repeat” It’s a modification of the original quote. Gender roles were created for a purpose. Find out what that purpose is and integrate. We are experiencing gender role reversal and it’s causing damage.

Share your thoughts in the comments and if this triggered you, I’d like to know why, so do due diligence.

And of course. Do due diligence, raise your testosterone, and research. I’ve written a plethora of articles that can help you in your journey. Go read them.

Have a great day!

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