I recently took a good look into my wardrobe and what I realized was eye-opening.

Many times we keep old torn clothes and there are some clothes we rarely wear. I believe every year we need to do something I call “a wardrobe refresh”, where we get rid of clothes we don’t wear, the torn ones and the impractical ones and buy a new set.

So I recently realized, just having

  1. 2 black round-neck and v-neck T-shirts(2 sizes)
  2. 2 grey round-neck and v-neck T-shirts(2 sizes)
  3. 2 white round-neck and v-neck T-shirts(2 sizes)
  4. 4 pairs of sweatpants
  5. 4 hoddies
  6. 6 Suits
  7. 4 Pull/Turtle Neck Sweaters
  8. 2 Coats(one for really cold days)
  9. Trenchcoat
  10. Gloves
  11. 2 Scarfs
  12. 7 boxers/briefs
  13. 2 shorts
  14. 6 pairs of jeans(light wash blue, dark wash blue, black, white, “designer” and grey)
  15. 3 pairs of shoes
  16. and 3 knit Sweaters

Is enough. You don’t need a whole lot of clothes. Some in this list can be substituted and others removed completely.

So now I have begun my wardrobe refresh, slowly phasing and replacing the old while adding the new as I go. And the best thing is, you can give your old clothing to charity and children’s homes. I believe in charity and zero waste. I embrace minimalism, essentialism, and frugal living.

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Before you go. I found a great place where you can buy essential items for your wardrobe refresh and this place’s name is ESNTLS (Essentials). They have given me coupon code where you can get 10% off all their products. Here’s their link: and here’s the coupon code I was given: STEPHENAJULU. The link already has this coupon code applied. This is a great place to refresh your wardrobe, they have clothing for both ladies and gentlemen, I suggest you check it out, I am also working on buying most of the things I need from them.

Well, Bye!

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