Let’s jump right in.

  1. Make sure to do due diligence. - Always research the specs you want, check their prices on local selling sites, and know what exactly you want to buy. This protects you from scams and high prices.
  2. Buy from reputable shops. - Always buy your phone from reputable shops, especially in Kenya. The chances of you being sold a fake Chinese phone are 8 in 10.
  3. Make sure the phone’s box comes wrapped in plastic paper that can’t be tampered with without showing e.g a tear or an opening. Usually, genuine phones come wrapped in a completely sealed plastic bag.
  4. Make sure you check for a sticker that says “Don’t buy if tampered with” or something similar. The box should be completely closed and stickers should be present to prevent tampering. If these stickers are cut or seem to have been peeled off don’t buy the phone.
  5. Make sure to compare the physical box with one from a reputable site online. Copies are usually made willy nilly hence differences can be seen.
  6. Make sure to get a warranty and receipt of purchase
  7. Hard reset the phone before leaving the shop. Most fake phones have a custom skin, boot loading animation, and look, hard resetting via the bootloader easily reveals these because they are usually application-level apps hidden from the app drawer.
  8. Dial the codes for your phone make that check if the phone is genuine.
  9. Finally, trust your intuition. If the phone feels fake or a bit too cheap in relation to its specs then something’s likely up. When the deal is too good, think twice.

Here are some good specs:

  1. FHD+ Screen
  2. 4GB+ RAM
  3. 64GB+ Storage
  4. 4K Recording
  5. 4500mAh+ Battery
  6. Latest Software Updates


Research beforehand, Check the box, get a warranty, get a receipt, check the phone, and trust intuition.

Have a great day!

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