Hi guys! How are you? Today I’d like to help you(and i) start our journey to being high-value men. These are not my insights rather the insights of great men and women.

What Is A High-Value Man?

A high-value man fully embraces his natural masculine role in the world, chooses to seek self-improvement of the mind, body, and spirit on a daily basis, and commits himself to create a lasting, permanent legacy of greatness in the world around him.

He is a man who chooses, first and foremost, to pursue a greater purpose in life, and to make life better and more successful for not just himself, but also for his tribe.

Why is this important?

You want to be successful.

You want to win with women.

You want to make money, gain status and power, and live the life of a champion.

You want to leave a legacy

1. Become Self-Confident

Studies have shown that women prefer men with confidence over others as it signifies health and prosperity.

2. Become a Leader

You see women love men who can lead them. They love a decisive man who can make date reservations and so on.

3. Gain Some Humor and Playfulness

Despite them wanting an Alpha or Sigma Male they still love laughing and playfulness. Laughter is one of the keys to a woman’s heart.

4. Know Your Worth

Knowing your worth can set you apart because you know how valuable you are and how valuable your time is. This right here helps a woman lean on you.

5. Become Intelligent

Do I really have to explain this to you. Being intelligent is a turn-on. And no I don’t mean you become Mr. Know It All, I mean humble intelligence. Read books, watch videos, listen to audiobooks and gain knowledge, so that when that date comes, you’ll have something to say that will blow her mind. Be educated. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should go to college as I said above, do something every day that gives you knowledge.

6. Become Skillful

Being skilled in things doesn’t only benefit you but also others around you.

This is what I mean. You need 6 hobbies

  1. one to make you money
  2. one to keep you fit
  3. one for help others
  4. one for gaining knowledge
  5. one for retirement
  6. one for free/downtime, for enjoyment

7. Become Stronger

I am sure you know this but women love a man who is fit with chiseled muscles. So work out 3 times a day, eat good food and take care of your body. Remember a good body equals a good mind. So this will boost mental clarity and attention among other documented improvements.

8. Become Kind

There’s nothing more amazing than being kind to other human beings and animals, women love this as it oozes high value because to be high-value also means to see value in others. Be kind to animals, be kind to street children, be kind to all. Trust me this means you are truly high-value. Look at how the President of Russia handled the puppy given to him, that right there was a high-value action. Plus it shows that he can care for the weak. Look at Keanu Reeves. The way he handles animals.

9. Stop Simping

Adopt a abundance mindset, if that one isn’t texting you back, leave her. Find someone interesting because women love attention, if you keep simping she loves it and will probably play with you until she wants more attention.

10. Gain Ambition

Find a purpose you are willing to sleep 4 hours for. Find something that sparks a fire in your soul and pursue it like a hungry lion. Women and society love a man who has a purpose and chases it.

11. Become Responsible

A high-value man is responsible. Take responsibility for your life!

12. Become Self-Reliant

Rely on yourself.

13. Become Grateful

You need to exercise gratitude to all who have helped you reach this far. Just do it now.

14. Build Wealth

You need to start building wealth. Find ways to become wealthy. Research and apply.

15. Become A Man With Resources

High-value men have resources otherwise known as assets. They don’t accumulate debt and when they do they pay it as quickly as possible. Assets and Time are the greatest wealth. See my next article on how to become a man with resources.

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