Here’s my simple investment strategy

Blue Chip Stocks: 20%

Other Stocks + Remaining NSE 25 Share Index: 15%

Mutual Funds: 30%

Cryptocurrencies: 30%

Others(REITS and additional): 5%

I currently don’t own any real estate investments aside from Stanlib Fahari I-REIT but I’ll soon start investing directly in Real Estate which would total up to 35% I’d then use mutual funds for savings instead of investing.

I’m also looking forward to buying Ugandan and American stocks soon, so index funds will be joining the list in which I’ll allocate 20% and then move a few of the others down.

Aside from these, I am planning to buy ETFs like the ABSA NewGold ETF and more.

I am very interested in the crypto market so that percentage isn’t likely to change anytime soon. The reason for this is as I mention in my previous post which I’ll link down below. Crypto has been my “golden goose” out of all my investments crypto has brought me the highest returns on investment and as such I will stick with it for a while. To top this off the crypto market is still growing. Then there are the metaverse crypto tokens that are growing as well. So I believe crypto will remain my golden goose unless something else brings in more.

I’d like to make myself clear, every investment listed above aside from Mutual Funds will be held long-term for ATLEAST 6 months and ATMOST 30 years.

Mutual funds act as lifesaver jackets for me, as long as nothing “life-threatening” comes my way, then I am likely to hold them for the same period 6 months to 30 years.

Everything above is subject to change depending on my research and findings. Always research your preferred investments.

I’ll link all the posts I believe can help you make your own investment strategy down below. I’d love to hear more about your investment strategy and portfolio down below in the comments. So please feel free to share.

I use Genghis Capital for Kenyan Stocks(They also have a money market mutual fund), Equity for Ugandan Stocks, and Binance for Cryptocurrencies. I am slightly dissatisfied with Genghis but it’s a great company and they provide free market research as well as recommendations. Use this link to register with Binance , to use Genghis, just download their app from the Google Playstore or Apple Store and register. They have made it that simple. As for Ugandan Stocks use their online portal.

Note: I haven’t listed savings, retirement funds, life insurance, and the likes, simply because they don’t belong in this category. If you’d like me to talk about them kindly comment down below.

My plan is to live solely on investments.

That’s it for today.

Hope you have a great one!

Quote of today

Saving is puting your money to rest, investing is making your money work for you even while you are asleep

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