Hi there, it’s been a while. Today I’ll be sharing the top gnome extensions that I’ve liked since switching to Linux, specifically Zorin 16 OS.

  1. Bluetooth Quick Connect : Allows connecting to paired devices from the gnome control panel.
  2. Clipboard Indicator : Clipboard Manager extension for Gnome-Shell - Adds a clipboard indicator to the top panel, and caches clipboard history.
  3. Color Picker : Simple color picker for gnome-shell
  4. Hibernation Status Button : Adds a Hibernate button in the Status menu. Using the Alt modifier, you can also select Hybrid Sleep instead.
  5. Extension List : Simple gnome-shell extension manager in the top panel
  6. WinTile : WinTile is a hotkey-driven window tiling system for GNOME that imitates the standard Win-Arrow keys of Windows 10, allowing you to maximize, maximize to sides or 1/4 sized to corner across a single or multiple monitors using just Super+Arrow.

Next, I’ll talk about the metaverse.

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