Hi there, this is Stephen Ajulu and today i’d like to share with you my favorite apps of 2021. Let’s begin.

Dolby On

As some of you know I am building a podcast, I still don’t have content, but you can check it out here: , and one thing I struggle with is audio quality, since I’m just starting out, I haven’t bought a dedicated mic, so far i only use my smartphone Redmi 9 or my laptop.

Recording audio especially on my laptop produces bad quality, and I can’t say much for my phone. This app has been so useful. I can’t even explain it. You’ll have to go try it out yourself.


I am an avid reader, I like binge reading on interesting articles and Medium is a regular app for me. Go check it out, you can also find my articles on medium.


My favorite password manager of choice. I can’t recommend a password manager enough. If you don’t have one, try bitwarden. P.S It’s crossplatform meaning it works on all your devices.

Adobe Spark Post

My favorite app of all time, when in a hurry to make graphical materials, i use this. It’s the best and in my case better than Canva, Desygner and more. I can make logos, posters, banners, ads and more with this.


A Kenyan finance app/debit card with interesting features. It’s tag line “Unbank Yourself”. It’s the best, the cards are good looking, the interface is well designed, low fees, no maintenance fees and no need for a bank. You can budget, save and invest with it. Go check it out.


My second favorite app of all time. Minimal, Take quick notes and todos. Supports markdown. Has a back up feature and so much more. You’ll love it.


Want gorgeous wallpapers? Then your search ends now with this one. Beautiful abstract wallpapers made by Hampus Olsson, the creator of many stock android brand wallpapers.

Adobe Lightroom

Do i need to say more? This is the best in my opinion photo editor. And to top it off everyone, lightroom presets created by me will be dropping soon.

AZ Screen Recorder

For the days when you want to record something on your phone screen, say a tutorial, ad and more.


I use this to download posts on instagram that I may want to share or keep for future purposes.

Google News & Podcasts

Serves the same purpose as Medium


A great audio recorder and transcriber. I use it mainly to record voice notes and transcribe.

Viral Icon Pack

My favorite icon pack of all time.

And that’s it for today, see you soon.

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