Hi guys? Today I’d like to share with you my 5-month action plan for leveling up starting up with August. I’d like it if you can join me and tweet your growth. Also, mention me @stephenajulu. Let’s get stronger, faster, and better together.

Month 1: August

Here’s what I do:


Sleep earlier than usual. If possible 8 or 9.

Wake up

Wake up early at 4, 5, or 6 am.


Pushups, Leg raises, squats, and a run. Do it incrementally e.g 10 squats on August 1st, 20 on 2nd, and so on.

For running: Find a “track” or path where you can run to and from. Let it be at least challenging but make sure you are capable. Do it incrementally August 1: 1 lap, August 2nd: 2 laps, and so on.


Write at least one post a day or write on Twitter a motivating message you believe in. Got a 30% deal for you. I can build you a blog in less than 2 days. Contact me: .

Practice assertiveness

Say no to requests that aren’t important.


Pray, Meditate, or whatever utterance of blessings you do. Also, write and read your I AM statements. Record it and listen to it while in bed. Put a timer so that it stops an hour after you play it. Sleep listening to it. This is called AutoSuggestion.

Cultivate gratitude

Write at least one thing you are grateful for.


Write down your thoughts and how the day went.


Read at least 10 pages of self-help books a day.

Here are some: 12 Books All Men Should Read

Links for buying are included.


Build a side hustle, get a job, or work harder on your occupation.


Write down skills you would like to acquire then go to skillshare and learn them. Here’s a link that will get you 1 premium month for free:


Visualize you in the position you want to be, visualize you becoming the best version. Visualize you being where you want in life. Do this before you sleep and after. Visualize the journey, put challenges in it as well. Think about the solutions to these challenges.


Eat healthily.

Here’s my recommendation: Low/NO Sugar, No Soy, Moderate Sodium, High Fat, Low Carbs, More Veggies, More Meat, More Water, More Fiber, More Nuts, Less/No Snacks and Less Frequently

Dress & Groom

Dress and groom yourself well even if you’ll be at home the whole day.

Try out my sponsor ESNTLS, I have a 10% Off deal with them go pick up a few stuff there and integrate it into your wardrobe. Here’s a link with the 10% discount already applied: ESNTLS , pick up some shades/glasses too: JadeBlack same 10% off deal. Would you like to smell good too? Try Santa Lucia Fragrance , same 10% off.

Cold Shower

Shower/bathe with cold water.

Red pill yourself

Learn from people who talk about the red pill. They know the truth about women.

Connect with someone

Talk to someone. Stranger or friend, even family. Brush up your social skills.

PS: I know it’s 7th August, you’ll just have to catch up by doing 70 or 7, anything else that depends on per day basis like cold showers, skip, but exercises do 70 pushups, 70 leg raises, 70 squats, 7 laps, 7 tweets/posts, 70 pages, and 7 people or 80 if you read this on 8th.

And that’s it for today, I will make sure I post September’s plan on 30th August.

Feel free to comment down below, what you think should be added to this list.


Photo by Troy Spoelma on Unsplash

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