Hi, as you know, early this year I made a shift to Linux(Zorin OS 16) and have been using it ever since. Today I’d like to suggest a few apps that I have been using.

1. Microsoft Edge

This is by far my favorite browser. I switched to Edge from Firefox because of some issues I had syncing data across multiple devices. I suggest you pick this one and stick with it. Currently using the beta but they recently released the stable version. So go check that out here: Microsoft Edge Stable For Linux

2. Visual Studio Code

As you guys know, I am a web developer. This is my favorite code editor. In the past, I used Sublime Text but have completely switched to this. It’s just great! I love it!

Go check it out here: Visual Studio Code

3. Brave Browser

I am a big fan of Web 3 and Crypto so I use this to visit web 3 websites and such. Plus they give you money when certain conditions are met.

Link: Brave Browser

4. Fluent Reader

Hands down the best RSS feed reader. I use it to read articles from my favorite websites. All from a single place.

Link: Fluent Reader

5. Simplenote

My favorite note-taking app. It’s minimal, cross-platform, and great. I have it on my laptop, desktop, and phone. Go check it out.

Link: Simplenote

6. Ulauncher

An app that allows you to search and launch almost anything anytime with the click of just two buttons.

Link: Ulauncher

That’s it for today. I’d appreciate it if you went, checked out, and bought my wallpapers: Gradient Wallpapers Pack 3 4k . You can set them as your desktop wallpaper.

Have a nice day!

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