1. Physical Attraction - He must feel physically attracted to you. We first fall in love with what we see. And no I’m not suggesting you go for butt lifts and apply excessive makeup. Just do you, look good. If you are alone, show some skin. Do the old “picking up my scarf/handkerchief to show a bit of my ass” thing you used to do. LOSE WEIGHT! Unless he’s into Fat-BBW. But seriously lose weight. Look, ladies, I understand but it’s always better to improve than to make excuses and stay unhealthy. Can you say you are truly happy with that extra weight? If you are, fine but 9 times out of 10 you are not and you have been lying to yourself that it’s okay to be fat. But no it isn’t, being overweight predisposes you to so many health risks even childbirth complications. Every man I know wants a healthy wife with whom he can live a long life and have healthy kids who he can see grow up. I’m not body shaming you. Lose weight don’t make excuses. Choose growth over comfort. Just look good. You don’t need a fat ass to get a guy. Stay clean, look healthy, I hear there are exercises that give you hips? Try them. I mean why not? You’ll feel good, he’ll feel good, everyone wins right?
  2. Respect - Men naturally want to be respected especially by you. We want to dominate.
  3. To feel wanted - Don’t hesitate to show him how much you love and want him, especially sexually. Give him the “thirst gaze” sometimes. Just don’t be needy and clingy. There are plenty of ways you can do this without being insufferable.
  4. Loyalty - You know cheating hurts especially if you are truly committed. It hurts. So why put him through that for nothing. Just stay loyal or end the relationship. It’s not asking too much. Stop entertaining the countless men who constantly text you. “Curve them niggars”. Keep things minimal with that male “best” friend. Avoid going out with men even if they are your friends. I’ll tell you this for free, that male best friend + countless others definitely want to bang you. Without a doubt. So does almost every single male friend you have. Men and Women can’t be friends. It’s impossible. Unless the guys are effeminate, beta or gay.
  5. Support - Not monetary support unless he’s having financial difficulties. But you know, emotional, spiritual(Pray for him), and mental support. I mean at the end of a stressful day kind of support. Let him find food is ready, no quarrels, house clean, you looking good with a big smile on your face. Hug him. Ask him how his day went. It’s the little things that matter. Help him take his tie and socks off and serve him. Then “serve” him some more, if you know what I mean. Don’t be another challenge he has to conquer. Don’t be naggy. If there’s an issue, find an appropriate time, sit down with him and air it out like the civil adults you are. Don’t raise your voice. If he’s in a bad mood, schedule it for another time. Unless it’s urgent.
  6. Femininity - No man wants another “man” in his house unless he’s gay so stop with these “what a man can do, a woman can do better”, “I am the boss bitch” and “I am better than you” attitudes. Sure there are things you can do better but be humble about it. Be humble and submissive. This doesn’t make you less awesome, in fact being feminine and submissive is what will make him proud to have you. It’s a HUGE turn-on. Men love to be dominant. It’s the testosterone coursing through our veins. So don’t shy away from being feminine.

Sometimes all a man needs is for you to be the type of woman God created you to be in the first place: A HELPER & SUPPORTER!

Life is hard as it is. We constantly have to fight demons that sometimes even you aren’t aware of. Don’t spend his money unnecessarily. Don’t nag. Don’t cheat. Be his helper and cheerleader. In fact, I’d suggest you be wise. Telling him “Hey daddy, saw this amazing plot near the road, it has the potential to become worth something great”.

And no, most men don’t care too much about your degree or how much money you make unless you make more than him or he’s broke or he wants to use you.

They just want a beautiful, attractive, and feminine woman who can cook, clean, support, and have good sex with. That’s really it and sometimes that’s enough to keep a man happy and a happy man is a faithful and committed man!

Strive to be that good woman he can be proud of. Also about that cookie jar, please ration it. Don’t forget things wear and tear.

Final note: There are some great men out there. You just have to rethink what you want and shift your focus. Don’t stay with an abusive man unless of course, you like the abuse(You BDSM loving ladies, you!). Don’t stay with a bad man either. Men only change for the right one! If he isn’t changing his ways, move on.

And kindly tell me your thoughts down below in the comments!

If you feel insulted or triggered, I’d also like to hear from you too. Why are you triggered? What can remedy that? Are you sure you are speaking honestly?

Remember the same way, women judge men based on height, fitness, and financial status, men judge women based on health, problematic scale, and beauty.

I’ll just randomly throw the word “double standards” here.

Have a great day ladies!

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