Welcome back, everyone.

Here’s a list of things/places you can invest in

  1. Yourself - Learning new skills, blogging, and more can wield returns even on sick days.
  2. Stocks - A no brainer, you buy 100 or more shares you wait for it to raise then sell or keep investing and wait for dividends. I recommend G-Kuze by Genghis Capital(if you are a Kenyan)
  3. ETFs - I only know of one here in Kenya, and that is the NewGold ETF, where you buy a fraction of real gold being held in a secure vault then sell it when gold’s prices increase. It’s publicly traded in the stock market.
  4. REITs - Real Estate Investment Trusts, can help you own real estate even if all you have is 100 shillings. There’s one in Kenya called Stanlib Fahari I-REIT, which currently trades in the stock market at 6.16. It’s also Kenya’s First REIT.
  5. Unit Trusts - Like Money Market Funds, High Yield Funds, and more. Almost all major banks offer them. Not sure if they are regulated by the Capital Markets Authority. Stay away from Cytonn. I was once a cytonnaire until I could no longer withdraw my money.
  6. Index Funds - Sadly none are in Kenya. Basically, it’s like a share and is even publicly trading in most stock markets. There’s usually an investment company behind it who then pools your money(stocks) and invests in other mixed items eg stocks, real estate, all at once then gives you dividends.
  7. Forex - If mastered can yield many returns. You basically trade currencies. Buy when the currency is low, sell/exchange when it’s high. Start here:
  8. International Stocks - If you can find a way to register and trade them that’s good.
  9. T-Bills and Bonds - Loaning the government money. It’s good for the long term investor
  10. Cryptocurrencies - Buy, hold, sell when prices increase. Start here: Binance or Coinbase
  11. Companies - You can buy shares of a private company and hope for the best
  12. Real Estate - Real Estate appreciates in value over time. Use that information to your advantage, remember it’s very hard for a house to appreciate in value as compared to actual land.
  13. Children - High risk, Possible High Returns. Your own children can eventually become your greatest investment. Invest in them, guide them, teach them, discipline them and love them.
  14. Precious Metals and Stones - This one is a no-brainer. Precious metals and stones appreciate in value especially gold and silicone. It’s used in electronics.
  15. Animals - Long ago in African countries, animals(cows, goats, chicken) were used to measure one’s worth, wealth, and status. Those having more and healthier were considered wealthy. Animals offer us a lot, eggs, meat, milk, butter, and more.

Remember: Never put all your eggs in one basket!

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