Hello guys, how are you doing? It’s alright!

Testosterone is the lifeblood for men. Low testosterone can impact all areas of your life. You’ll have depression, become unable to get it up, lose ambition, become dull, have low libido, low mental performance, low memory, low metabolism, and the list goes on.

Today I want to cover how you can increase testosterone and feel GREAT! Feel masculine.

Simple steps. No bullsh*t. Coming from a guy who had hypogonadism.

First, get your levels checked. It’s a simple blood test. Remember to check FREE TESTOSTERONE. Relatively inexpensive, depending on where you get it done.

  1. Eat more meat and eggs - Especially organic grass-fed fatty beef and organic eggs. I won’t go into the bro-science here as I believe this deserves its own article, which I’m working on. Just eat more meat and eggs. Grass-Fed Beef is one of the most nutritionally dense food on the planet plus it has zinc and fatty acids. Remember testosterone synthesis requires cholesterol! Even the end product: testosterone is for a lack of a better word “oily”. Let proteins make up half your plate. Organ meats are even better especially the liver. If you are feeling adventurous, eat the balls too!
  2. Reduce running. Do sprints - I respect the runners out there but scientific studies have shown that sprinting can increase testosterone by 40%. So do regular sprints.
  3. Lift heavy things - Lifting heavy weights/things has been shown to boost testosterone considerably. It’s why gym-goers are so muscular(Testosterone is vital in muscle building). I’d suggest compound workouts that hit multiple muscles and muscle groups at the same time. Remember you don’t have to go to the gym to build muscle. There are bodyweight exercises and random household objects e.g that 10 liter bottled water or that heavy shopping bag.
  4. Get some sun, son! - Red light/infrared has been shown to boost testosterone by almost 60%. Plus Vitamin D is a requirement for testosterone synthesis. Get some sun and while you are at it sun your genitals/balls. This will drive up that percentage even more. Remember consistency is key. Just make sure you don’t get your little friends too hot as I’m sure you know high heat kills sperms.
  5. Cold showers - There’s a reason why your 2 little friends hang on the outside. They can’t take the hit(sorry I meant heat but you know). Plus studies show that planned and timed exposure to stress(especially the cold) is, actually good for you. Men were meant to dominate. The more good things that stress you short term the better. You don’t want constant stress just a timed exposure. Constant stress leads to an increase in cortisol and that actually decreases testosterone.
  6. Lose weight/fat - Especially around your midsection. Fat has something called “aromatase” that actually turns testosterone into estrogen and that is the worst thing that can happen to a man. Estrogen is fine in very low levels. Trust me, you don’t want this increasing. Lose weight bro! Build muscle. Muscle actually has the reverse effect. Yes everyone has abs but they are muscle, train them. Sprinting may help but you might have to start with running.
  7. Avoid Soy, Phylates, BPA, and anything that starts with “Benzo” in your products
  8. Cut out simple carbohydrates, replace them with complex carbohydrates and reduce carbs in general
  9. Avoid sugar at all costs - I’ll cover why in an upcoming article.
  10. Avoid processed food, “vegetable” oils, and wheat
  11. Eat the right amount of dark leafy vegetables - A good rule of thumb is 1/4 of your plate.
  12. Practice one of the following: Intermittent Fasting, One Meal A Day, One and A Half Meals A Day, or Two Meals A Day.
  13. Finally nofap. Stop masturbating. It’s reducing your testosterone. Plus it dulls you. The eyes you get when you nofap/nonut is proof that withholding your semen actually increases your testosterone.
  14. Last case scenario: Do Testosterone Replacement Therapy. If your levels are very low. It’s best to see a doctor, get a test done, and then commence treatment at once.

Low T is detrimental to men of all ages. It’s a silent killer. Fix it now with these steps. More T = Better life

Have a great day men!

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