Can you believe that our fathers and grandfathers had 10 times the testosterone we have today? Today I’ll show you how to increase it.

But first, let learn more about this male hormone.

Testosterone is the hormone that makes a man a man.

According to Wikipedia, It is

The primary sex hormone and anabolic steroid in males. In male humans, testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as testes and prostate, as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass, and the growth of body hair.

Benefits of Testosterone

How to Increase Testosterone

1. Sunbathe your balls

It comes as no surprise that Vitamin D is crucial to testosterone production. Sunbathing your 2 little ones really helps to boost testosterone production. Now you don’t want to go to the extreme as heat kills sperm production. Aim for the morning sun when it isn’t hot.

2. Cold showers

Guys, there’s a reason why our little guys hang on the outside. They are sensitive to heat. So after sunbathing them, give them a nice cold shower.

3. Avoid toxins

Avoid plastic bottles with BPA! Avoid deodorants. Avoid pesticides. Avoid shaving cream that has Phthalates.

4. Avoid stress

Stress has been shown to increase cortisol which in turn decreases testosterone.

5. Eat less sugar, grains, and refined carbs

After eating these, the body releases insulin, insulin regulates glucose. There’s a link between high insulin and low testosterone.

6. Increase cholesterol

Testosterone is made up of cholesterol, now contrary to popular belief, there’s no correlation between cholesterol and heart disease. Your body creates 80% of cholesterol. So how can the body create something that is poisonous to it? Increase your animal fats. Stay away from “vegetable oils and fats” stick with things like butter, lard, olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. Other animal fats are also good.

Also, remember, unlike popular belief, your brain is actually 80% fat.

To learn more about fat I recommend you check a previous post where I summarized “The Big FAT Suprise by Nina Techolz”.

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7. Fast

Science has found out that fasting increases the human growth hormone which in turn increases testosterone. Apply intermittent fasting then Eat early on Wednesday by 6 pm then fast till Friday 6 pm, this process is called Autophagy and it cleans up the body while also increasing testosterone.

8. Fix your posture

Posture has been shown to increase testosterone by almost 17%. So now I want you to square your shoulders, lift up your chest, raise your chin, occupy space, own the space and strike a power pose.

9. Eat more cruciferous vegetables

E.g Broccoli and Cauliflower reduce estrogen

10. Take ashwagandha

This herb boosts testosterone

11. Take Tongkat Ali

Another herb that increases testosterone through the production of ley dig cells and also decreases sex hormone-binding globulin ensuring you have more free testosterone which can be used by the body.

12. Reduce body fat

Obesity reduces testosterone because it holds estrogen.

13. Lift weight or do compound exercises

Lifting weights has been shown to increase testosterone. So do squats, deadlifts(with weights or resistance bands), push-ups, and more.

14. Avoid soy and soy-based products

Soy is an estrogen. Avoid it.

15. Sleep well

When you are asleep is when the body releases a lot of testosterone hence the common “morning glory” that men experience.

16. Copulation

Need I say more man of culture?

17. Nofap

Need I say more? In short, stop masturbating to artificial and superficial things. In fact, just stop masturbating. It has been shown to increase testosterone.

18. Eat more meat(and lots of eggs)

Meat and Eggs are some of the most nutritionally dense foods on earth and are packed with omega 3’s, vitamin A and more.

19. Run

Get your blood pumping hard at least once a day

20. Avoid alcohol

It kills sperm and reduces testosterone. Avoid.

And those are 20 ways to increase testosterone & sperm production guys.

See you next time.

Photo by Abby Savage on Unsplash

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