We all feel sad. Today I’d like to share what has helped me during times of sadness and depression.

  1. Talk to someone - it is said that a problem shared is a problem half solved. Plus now you’ll have 2 brains. But if you are a man only talk to another man.
  2. Workout/Exercise - Exercise has been proven to help bring people out of depression because it increases serotonin among other “feel good” hormones.
  3. Journal/write it down - this will help you deal with it and find solutions
  4. Engage in a hobby - Similar to exercise, this will help raise feel-good hormones
  5. Let it out - If you have been carrying a heavy burden then just find a place where you are alone and let it all out. Hit something with all your strength.
  6. Find a solution - I know how this sounds but if there’s a problem then I’d like to believe that there’s a solution.
  7. Go to Christ - He knows all your problems, take it to the Lord in prayer. Cry out to Him.
  8. Distract yourself - if all else fails then distract yourself productively e.g learn a new skill, build a website, go down the twitter red pill rabbit hole.
  9. Bathe/shower with cold water - nothing hits(in a good way) you like a cold shower
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