Hi, how are you? It’s been long huh!

Today I’d like to show you how i bought my first share and how you can too for less than ksh. 200.

  1. First you’ll need to get into the right mindset, are you a holder waiting for dividends, are you a semi permanent holder waiting for dividends but once the price shoots up you sell or are you a trader, buying low and selling high almost as fast as a day? Once you identify your category then you can proceed. All the tips below are generalized but i may lean more to my side, the semipermanent.

  2. Research investment platforms. A good idea will be to find one that is registered with the Capital Markets Authority(CMA), has a website with online trading support, has a good customer service, supports M-Pesa(if you are a Kenyan) and has an app for whatever device you use(android or iPhone). Once you find that out, you can proceed, I chose Genghis Capital so I’ll be using this down below but you should be able to do the process almost exactly the same.

  3. Registration. Now, you will be required to enter your name, ID, bank details and other personal information in order to open a CDS account. I can’t specify because each registration will be different depending with the bank you choose. It will take about a day or 2 for registration to be completed. During this period download their app and research potential stocks or you could just choose the stocks of products and services you like and use.

  4. 2 days have passed and you have received your confirmation via email, congrats! You can now call yourself an inve…. Not so fast, you haven’t bought any stocks. They will provide login details or if you registered through the app like me, you’ll be able to login.

  5. Now find an investment option, and click shares or stocks or equities. It may be one of those. Once there, you should be greeted with a list of stocks like this one

  6. Deposit and buy 100 shares or more, minimum is 100 shares, now remember all shares are different, some sell for 1.38 per share others at 1,000 per share, choose according to how much you have and diversify your portfolio. That’s it. You are a share holder and a proud investor. Keep watching the market. You can become a billionaire just by trading stocks like Warren Buffet for example.

Have a wonderful day

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