Hi everyone, glad to have you back. Today we’ve talked about How you can buy your first share, now I’ll teach you how you can build your own blog.

  1. As usual, you have to get into the right mindset, there is no perfect blog, write about what you want to write about. I like tech, finance, self branding, self improvement and lifestyle, so that’s what i write, you don’t have to be extremely knowledgeable in the topic, everyone knows something you don’t and so do you. So write about what you love and want. Value is provided with your heart not your mind.
  2. Choose a platform. Many of you have been with me since my days. Btw Thank you! My blog back then wasn’t appealing(though some of you thought it was) and i couldn’t change the appearance all that much because was restrictive in their free service. So you too can start there, right now open a new tab and type, enter. If you are not comfortable with the free wordpress, try the self hosted version(PAID, I’ll talk about this in another post), or wix or substack or weebly or blogger or ghost(PAID, I’ll talk about this later) or deploy your own(little html knowledge required, like mine, I’ll talk about this in another post)
  3. Once you find your platform of choice, register and you can now start writing.

Yes, it’s that simple. Next time(part 2), I’ll tell you how you can use the self hosted paid wordpress, ghost and how you also build your own(little html knowledge required + i can build one for you.)

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