Hey guy’s what’s up?

Well today i would like to thank you for your support and constant reading of this blog. I just got off an email with the founder of Feedspot Anuj Agarwa. And guess what guys. I just got selected as one of the Top 200 Technology Blogs on the Internet. I am super excited and thankful. So i thought why not celebrate and give you guys a gift. And so here it is: How to build and deploy a fast jamstack website with stackbit for next to nothing/almost free! Let’s dive right in but before that, make sure you check out Feedspot’s Top 200 Technology Blogs . Also giveaways coming soon.

So now, let’s dive in!

  1. Go to Stackbit’s website
  2. Click “Sitebuilder” on your top right in the menu.
  3. And let’s begin the process
  4. Follow The Videos👇👇👇👇👇

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