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Today I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you tips and tricks that will help you get your health back and keep it.

NB: I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. These are just my thoughts that I have seen others benefit from and have benefitted from, myself. Take them with a grain of salt, research, and adjust accordingly.

1. Cut out sugar completely

Many don’t realize that sugar is as addictive as cocaine, or that it’s the number 1 food for cancer(No 2 being MSG ). Cut it out completely, this means no sugar, no honey, no fruits, and no “hidden” sugars. Sugar causes inflammation and puts stress on the body. Plus there’s the fact that it spikes insulin. I don’t want to offend doctors and others but they keep endorsing foods with sugar, knowing very well how bad it is to the body.

2. Cut out vegetable fats, embrace animal fats

I know how controversial this is. But vegetable fat especially the liquid versions is unstable. It was found out to be one molecule away from plastic(we all know how bad plastic is to our bodies). It’s just not right for you. Before we used to eat animal fats, people were healthy, low heart and artery issues. Now just look at the world. If vegetable fat was good then things out to have changed, even a little bit. We are literally eating machine/engine lubricant. Don’t be fooled by these industries, they are lying to you to fill their pockets, and then the health guys benefit from this.

Kindly read the book “ The Big Fat Suprise by Nina Teicholz ” and learn how important saturated fats are for your body and the whole lie surrounding them. Testosterone is on the decline due to a lack of adequate saturated fats.

3. Eat more meat and eggs

Meat and eggs are important for your body. Forget vegetable protein. Animal meat and eggs are rich in proteins and crucial amino acids. Go for free-range products or as Kenyans call it “Kienyeji”. These have more nutrients. Especially Eggs, they are superfoods, eat more of them. Try the carnivore diet .

4. Exercise at least twice a week and for 40 minutes

Self-explanatory. Extremely underrated.

5. Fast more often and for longer periods of time

Fasting isn’t just limited to religious reasons. Fasting has been known to promote autophagy . Which is a very important process that cleans up your body. It also gives your body rest. All the constant eating and snacking is sure to affect your digestive system.

6. Eat/drink more fermented products

I don’t know where to begin. Properly fermented food has been shown to increase and diversify your gut microbiome which has been shown to improve mood and health. So try to incorporate fermented foods into your diet.

Here’s the full list of benefits: What Are Fermented Foods? - Heart Foundation

7. More green leafy and cruciferous vegetables

This has been shown to slow down and eradicate cancer among so many benefits.

8. Avoid processed and fortified foods

For food to be fortified, it means the food has been processed to the point most natural nutrients are gone, and now are therefore adding synthetic versions to make it “nutritious”. Avoid them. Avoid processed foods, and yes Kenyans including ugali made from these factories.

9. Sunbathe

The sun is an important factor in our lives, it strengthens the bones, boosts sperm production(when used properly, remember heat isn’t good for our little guys), among a plethora of reasons. So sunbathe, …… nude if possible.

10. Sleep at least 6 hours per day

Sleep improves critical thinking. It has also been noted that the growth hormone and testosterone increase while asleep, hence the morning erections. Aside from this, sleep is when the body cleanses the mind(through the use of cerebral fluid) and consolidates memory.

11. Eat less

No by no means am I telling you not to have your fill. I mean try adopting the OMAD (One Meal A Day) feeding pattern where you eat one large meal every day and then sugarless coffee or tea(no milk) when you get hungry or OAAHM (One and A Half Meals, A Day).

12. Add a little more salt

Now, listen. Salt is a key electrolyte and helps the body perform a lot of things, including removing toxins and waste from cells. You are probably taking too little. Up your salt intake. Check these articles out.

6 Little-Known Dangers of Restricting Sodium Too Much (

6 things you thought you knew about salt that just isn’t true | Queensland Health

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13. Avoid red dye (artificial), MSG, heat, and soy, especially in men

They have been shown to negatively affect testosterone and sperm production plus boost cancer. MSG is present in bouillon cubes(royco).

The red dye is used in “mabuyus”, ice cream, among others. Linked to ADHD, Allergies, Low Sperm Count, Low Testosterone(possibly due to the fact it’s similar to estrogen chemically)

Targeting Glutamine Metabolism for Cancer Treatment (

What is MSG?


It is an artificial glutamic acid known as D- glutamic acid. This acid is combined with corn starch or soy starch to trick your taste buds into believing that the food you are eating is tasty & of nutritional quality. It contributes to cancer.

We need to stop asking the wrong questions and instead ask ourselves why male fertility is on the decline.


  • Let half your plate be comprised of meat and fats(25% 25%), 40% vegetables(specifically cruciferous), 10% carbohydrates(especially arrowroots/tubers).
  • Incorporate fermented foods such as fermented milk, greek/sugarless yogurt, wine, apple cider, miso, kimchi, sauerkraut(fermented cabbage), tempeh, and others as they contain good bacteria.
  • Exercise atleast twice a week
  • Avoid sugar in all its forms
  • Walk around after an hour of sitting
  • Avoid artificial red dye, msg, plastics, vegetable oil and soy
  • Sunbathe frequently nude
  • Sleep at least 6 hours
  • Fast frequently
  • Try OMAD, OAAHM, or the Carnivore diet
  • Eat more salads
  • Eat more salt
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