1. Create distance: If it’s someone who stays far from you. Delete contacts, unfollow, and do everything you can to create distance. If you can’t, read on.
  2. Get in the gym: The gym is a great place to deal with your inner demons and emotional issues. Just pump it away. Use more pain to musk pain. In my country Kenya, we have a saying: “Dawa ya moto ni moto” The best solution in case of a fire is more fire.
  3. Go monk mode: Just abandon everything and focus on getting ahead. These females are in the millions but you only have one life. Focus, get rich, get fit, and grow then watch the number of options you have grow.
  4. “Revenge”: If it’s a woman who rejected you or broke your heart. Revenge by getting a hotter girl than her. People love to discount revenge. But when used properly it can be a tool just like any other.
  5. Get into a fight club: Fighting can give you a place to release all that pent-up frustration and sadness. Go join a fight club and just fight until you’ve forgotten about her/it.
  6. Transmute the frustration and sadness into anger and use it to propel you forward. This is self-explanatory. If it’s a woman who rejected you. Find a reason to be angry at yourself even if the heartbreak isn’t because of you. Cheat yourself into getting angry at yourself and use that as fuel until you are out of it.
  7. Keep it pent up: This is simple. Just squeeze it in and keep going. We are men, it’s necessary that we gain the capacity to experience things without letting them out.
  8. Find a safe spot away from everyone and cry: This is not a pretty option and should be the final option but if that’s all you can do then by all means cry away but make sure that once you are done, it’s done.
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