Hello guys, as the title says. Here’s how I plan to become an outlier male.

Why do I plan to become an outlier male?

  1. I want my family to live a comfortable life
  2. I want to live a better life
  3. I want to have an abundance of top-quality women(Surface level)
  4. I want to be healthy and strong
  5. I want to be financially free and have time freedom
  6. I want to pursue my genuine curiosity
  7. I want to enter a room and have people look. A king’s presence.
  8. I want my lineage to be safe and secure
  9. I just want to be better. I want to be at the top. I want to be better than other men. I want to have an abundance.
  10. I want to live a life well-lived.

There are different pillars of a man’s life that need to be built up, these are:

  1. Health/Body: Be in shape, healthy and active. Hormone, sleep, diet, and other optimizations
  2. Wealth/Money/Resources/Assets: Have resources and money. Investments. Crypto. Stocks. Real Estate.
  3. Relationships: Be good to my family. Build a good circle of primarily male friends who have similar goals of reaching the top. Cutting out untrustworthy friends. Building a do-or-die brotherhood who help each other. Finding a good woman. Leading your family.
  4. Faith: Get closer to God
  5. Mind: Amass knowledge. Practice. Learn skills. Learn new languages. Fix mindset. Reading books.
  6. Style: Dress better. Smell Better. Look freaking great.
  7. Others: Body language, experience, game, stoicism, leadership, accountability, responsibility, frame control, emotional control, sexual interactions, looks maxing, personal branding, fighting, manly skills & more
  8. Life setup (Male Advantage years 25 -40): Getting things in place to look, feel and be high value e.g. nice car, nice house, nice everything.

So, to begin, I’ll focus on 3 things. I won’t do more than 3 things at a time because then the transformation will be exhaustive and I’ll quit mid-way. I’ll only do more when I can.

My first focus will be on Health/Body, Mind & Faith/Spirituality. But along the way, I’ll incorporate Others into the plan.

We have 5 years. I’ve broken this into:

Year 1 & 2: Body, Mind, and Spirit

Year 3 & 4: Wealth, Style & Others

Year 5: Life setup & Relationships

Here’s how I think about it.

You can’t have a nice house and a hot chick if you don’t have money or relationship skills, you can’t have money. if you don’t have the skills.

Now, of course, you can be fat with mental issues and still be rich or you can have a nice body but still be broke. The key is not 100% of all these things but 70% even 60% across the board.

Now life setup and relationships are last, not because you should avoid your family or not set up your life well but rather because I believe you’ll have more time and resources in the future that you can use to set them up better, let’s take life setup, for example, it requires money. Relationships require time.

You don’t want a situation where you are busy chasing girls while doing the above, it will likely end in a catastrophe. You can also decide to go the road of faking a good lifestyle but people will smell it on you that you don’t have half of what you brag about on social media.

You should first build your body, this will allow you to “focus” on building the mind all while you are connecting to your spirituality. A healthy body + a healthy spirituality = an even healthier mind. You need all these pieces to go to step 2 which is where we primarily focus on making money, improving style and more. Once you are fit, clothes fit you better. And with the halo effect + hypergamy to your advantage, it becomes a done deal.

The Bible is an amazing book that can build the mind as well as your spirituality.

These three things are connected because they form you. No one can take your knowledge, skills, and strength from you of course except God.

But man can take your wealth, your clothes, your life setup, your cars, your girl and even destroy your relationships. That’s why you need to build YOU first then build all the others because then you already have the skills, the knowledge, the experience, the body, the mind and the spirit, building whatever is stolen is easier. Plus once you follow this systematically, who would even dare try to take your stuff or your girl. You’ll be rich, jacked, know how taekwondo or something and have The Almighty God by your side. No one will want to fuck with you because you are UNSTOPPABLE. This is what girls love in a man. Ambition. Wealth. Determination. Prespicacity as Andrew Tate, the top G says. These are the benefits of following this order.

Another thing about this is this order is the best way to build a foundation.

I’ll go on this “hero’s journey” with you. The goal or rather the light at the end of the tunnel is YOU being the top g, having time and financial freedom with an abundance of resources.

In the next post, I’ll talk a bit about who I am, who an outlier male is, and why we should strive to become like him. ({ADONIS} in Hamza’s voice)

In the next post after that, I’ll cover my plans for body, mind, and spirit, the foundational pillars. And, by the way, you don’t have to be a Christian to follow these. In spirituality, for example, you can meditate. I am however going to write it the way I’m doing it.

Remember the goal is to become a truly top-tier man by the time 5 years a done.

For those who want to join in on this. By next week, I’ll have set up a group where we can keep each other accountable and help each other.

Now remember, we are all beginners, even me. I don’t know more than you and I’m not in a better position than you. I just have good mentors and have stolen bits and pieces from their word and have made this so you don’t have to watch 100 self improvement videos and read 10 books. So relax, let’s take this step by step.

Thank you and have a good one.

P.S. Kindly note that this program is mainly targeted toward men but women are allowed to join. Also, while the program is free the group will be paid in order to avoid spam and disrespectful people from joining. The benefits of this group are endless. I’ll talk about the group soon. The platforms are either Discord or Telegram.

This will eventually become paid once we are done with the first section, only those who join now, within the first 2 years since the posting of this article will get in for free.

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