1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Blockchain
  4. Clean Energy
  5. Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality
  6. Metaverse
  7. Cryptocurrencies
  8. Decentralized Manufacturing/Home-based Manufacturing
  9. Natural Plant Medications and Supplements(Including microdose psychedelic and THC/CBD therapy)
  10. Decentralized Finance
  11. Biotechnology
  12. Neurotechnology (Think Neuralink or Fully Immersive VR)
  13. Nanotechnology
  14. Space Technology
  15. Cloud Computing
  16. Web3/Decentralized Web

Science Fiction is slowly becoming non-fiction

These are the industries I believe will shape the future. Many in this list are already in use now. I’ll explain each at a later time. For now, have a nice day!

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