Hello there! How are you? With no second to waste let’s jump right in. But before that remember that you have to first put in work on yourself. Improve yourself first. Be worthy of seeking out these high-quality women.

  1. Has a good relationship with her father: I always say this, if she can’t respect her father what makes you think she will respect you? Does she speak highly of him? What does the family look like? If she has a good relationship with her father then that’s great.
  2. She’s nurturing. Does she take care of you when you are sick?
  3. She stays away from drama and gossip
  4. Doesn’t use social media frequently unless she’s using it for work/business
  5. She’s positive and cheerful about life
  6. She has a purpose that she’s pursuing but not a “boss-girl/boss-lady”
  7. She takes ownership of the choices/decisions in her life. She’s accountable.
  8. She’s good with money. She knows where to cut, save and invest. She doesn’t constantly ask for money for stupid stuff.
  9. She has a low body/notch count. Women who’ve been with 50, 60, 100+ guys can’t form a solid bond with a man. 50 is worse than 10, 10 is worse than 1. So focus on low body/notch count. She’s more likely to respect you and contribute to a relationship if she has a low body count.
  10. She’s pleasant and doesn’t nag you persistently
  11. She encourages you and supports your purpose
  12. She’s active and/or exercises.
  13. She’s good in the kitchen. She has to have culinary skills. Knows how to cook.
  14. She’s tidy, clean, and cleans/tidies up unprompted consistently
  15. She likes kids and treats them sweetly
  16. Doesn’t talk to multiple guys constantly
  17. She respects you and is willing to sacrifice certain things for the betterment of the relationship
  18. She’s submissive
  19. She brings solutions to your life, she’s a compliment in your life, is useful, and brings something to the table
  20. She’s collaborative
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