Hey guys? Welcome to Part 2 of building the beautiful, fast, SEO optimized, progressive JAMstack blog.

If you didn’t check out part 1, kindly go do so here:

So we are continuing with Part 2.

Shall we begin?

Day 4

Nothing much to do so i did a bit of research


Here’s where the knowledge of Day 4 come to play.

  • Linked the Manifest.json and all the app icons/favicons to the head section as you can remember i couldn’t do this because i was using the original theme’s layout folder so the only way was to copy their layout file to mine and that wasn’t an ideal situation. So i found a solution, Netlify’s Snippet Injection tool.(oh thank you netlify ) I had heard of this tool but it was back then when i was using Jekyll (another very good static site generator with thousands of themes), back then i only had 1 site deployed in netlify and i didn’t need to tool. So to continue i managed to link them successfully and the website began acting like and app.
  • Linked the Service Worker Register to the bottom of the body using the same Netlify Snippet Tool
  • Added the SEO meta tags together with the manifest.json and app icons
  • Added more Hugo Shortcodes and paired them with forestry snippets(since am using forestry as my CMS there’s no need to add the shortcodes manually just create a ___.snippet file in /.forestry/snippets/……. as for shortcodes they go under /layouts/shortcodes/…….. I’ll show you how to do this in just a bit.
  • Researched
  • End of Day 5


  • Added more hugo shortcodes and their respective forestry snippets
  • Added a json feed because ……….. why not?
  • Added a custom 404 page replacing Netlify’s version
  • Added a Comment system that uses Github Issues as the base, the comments system is called Utterances
  • Researched
  • End of Day 6


  • Did a few tweaks and hacks
  • Added Google Analytics
  • Turned all images to .webp format because of it’s compression and small file size therefore bringing the total homepage size to 432kb from 3.4mb
  • Resized my author image from 1124×1024 to 160×60 or something there about(cant remember the correct sizes but they near those i have mentioned)
  • Minified and Unified a few Javascript files
  • Removed Google Analytics 🤣 It was slowing down my site because of the requests it made and also privacy issues
  • Managed to make the PageSpeed Desktop Score 100 while Mobile is at 98 99(fluctuates)
  • Increase page size from 432kb to 532kb(🤣 by adding an important images that was 50 49kb each that were required for SEO)

Now to the good relationship i have discovered between hugo shortcodes and forestry snippets.

github hugo shortcodes

github forestry snippets

As you can see for every shortcode there’s a snippet, that’s because shortcodes usually have a small piece of code to embed in the page you want it to be activated.

![](/images/Annotation 2020-04-05 164626-1.jpg)

So the first piece of code goes to the /layouts/shortcodes/shortcodename.html while the last one goes to .forestry/snippets/snippetname.snippet. This ensures that i don’t have to copy the last code everywhere manually, i just access them within forestry cms’s ui like this

So now instead of copying the shortcode link everywhere you can just add it as a forestry cms snippet and use it where you would like. Note: This only works if you use Forestry CMS


  • Resize all images to a good size
  • SEO Optimize the site
  • Find a good free resource light analytic service
  • Copy all posts from Ajulu’s Thoughts to Ajulu’s Blog
  • Cache all assets
  • Add Web Share
  • Add Push Notifications
  • Link back to
  • Add Service Worker Version 3 that caches everything
  • Debug
  • Optimize
  • Make changes to ui
  • Release it back to the wild as Novela v3

PageSpeed Insights for

Mobile Score : 98 99
TTT, First Meaningful Paint, First Contentful Paint, First CPU idle: 1.3 seconds
Desktop Score : 100
TTT, First Meaningful Paint, First Contentful Paint, First CPU idle: 0.5 seconds
Our Goal is 100 in Both

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Before i go, i would like to praise and thank all my favorite tools, products and companies

Il’l do a review of each but for now i can recommend anyone to these. They are the best.

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