Hello Everyone! How are you doing?

Here are some of the most beneficial yet controversial health tips.


The exact opposite is true e.g. salt, sugar, red meat, complex carbs, water intake, etc etc. (I will explain more)

2. There’s nothing more unhealthy than caring too much about your health

3. Slow metabolism = unhealthy.

Here are common things that slow down metabolism: PUFA(“Vegetable” Seed Oils), Blue light, Routine, Gut irritants/endotoxin (Mostly from vegetables and grains), Estrogen, BPA / Plastics, Anger / Stress, Sedentary lifestyle, Poor sleep, Excessive endurance exercise / Frequent long-distance running

4. Disease often starts in the gut via endotoxin production and inflammation.

This leads to a cascade of increased stress, lower metabolism, a shift to aerobic glycolysis, and decreased protective hormones. Cutting gut irritants is a powerful way to improve health.

5. Seed(vegetable) oils are the major cause of disease today.

They are hidden in everything. All restaurants cook with them. Cook with tallow, lard, suet, ghee, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, or butter instead. Avoid packaged food.

6. Vegan diets kill more animals than a grass-fed carnivore diet

7. Carbohydrates are essential for brain, adrenals, youth hormones, thyroid, and gut health.

8. Steak is a superfood.

Easily digestible protein, highly nutritious, loaded with bioactive like taurine, carnitine, carnosine, creatine, and anserine that you can’t get elsewhere. It needs to be a dietary staple.

9. Do not drink tap water.

Do not shower in tap water. Tap water is incredibly toxic. Use a filter.

10. Vegetables are not healthy foods.

Most have very few nutrients and are loaded with pesticides and gut irritants.

11. Most nuts and grains aren’t healthy.

Most are loaded with omega 6 and compounds that irritate your gut like lectins(nuts) and gluten(wheat)

12. Salt is very important and you are likely taking too little.

It’s a master electrocyte and helps control other electrolytes like magnesium and potassium

13. Arbitrary water limits and the general advice to chug water is terrible.

Thirst is an evolutionary conserved mechanism to regulate hydration and mineral balance. Excess water dilutes sodium and causes stress. Drink when thirsty

14. Soy is bad especially for men as it lowers testosterone and destroys sperms.

15. Pay the farmer now or the doctor later.

Pay up for quality food. It will make you more money now and save you more money later.

16. Progesterone is the real female hormone, not estrogen.

Incredibly protective, stabilizing, anti-cancer, pro-GABA, mood-boosting, metabolism increasing. It is produced in the 2nd half of a Women’s cycle, but due to excessive birth control usage, most women have low progesterone to estrogen.

17. Walking is strong medicine.

Helps with hormonal function, energy levels, digestion, mood, and lymphatic circulation. Walk in the sun every AM barefoot.

18. Moving out of a city and quitting the job you hate are the two most underrated ways to improve health.

19. DHT doesn’t cause hair loss. Stress, estrogen, calcification, low thyroid, and nutrient deficiencies do.

20. Plastic is poison. BPA-free means nothing.

21. Parabens and Phalates are toxic. Avoid them.

22. Have fun.

Constructively that is. Find a hobby you like that gives other people value and do it to your heart’s content. In fact, make it your job. As long as you have fun, you’ll be great.

23. Sun your genitals.

24. Beef liver is essential.

It is loaded with b vitamins you can’t get elsewhere. Vit A & copper work together to produce ceruloplasmin the master antioxidant w. delivers copper to cells to generate ATP. Vitamin A is required for hormone synthesis, skin health, immune function, etc. It’s tough to be at your optimal health without eating beef liver.

25. Eat only when you are hungry but because modernity has destroyed most of our senses.

Try eating 2 meals a day then move to one meal a day. Trust me, if you load this 1 meal with grass-fed meat, eggs, complex carbohydrates e.g tubers, saturated fat, and a bit of vegetable. You’ll be fuller and feel great.

26. Your stomach acid is supposed to be highly acidic.

Not basic not neutral. There’s a reason some of us are incapable of drinking milk. Increase its acidity by eating the right foods and fasting(IF, 2MAD, OMAD).

27. If your great grandparents never ate it then it’s probably not healthy.

28. A long walk a day will keep depression at bay

And that’s it for today. Remember: none of this is medical advice. Kindly experiment and see if these changes lead to a positive impact. Of which I can vouch that they do.

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