If you’re a young dude and you feel lost/directionless..especially in terms of success

This is why. It comes down to 3 things

Brain Deficiency, Brain Addictions, and Life Overcomplexity

Fix these…you’ll likely figure out what you want and make it faster than you think. Thread

To make it you need clarity of thought, passionate thought at the RIGHT things, and focus of thought.

If you have these you will know what you want & high-level thoughts towards this thing and it will be laser-focused.

Thus you will get very good at it fast. Here’s how

A) Brain deficiency.

If your mind is always in a fog. This fog does 2 things.

1. Makes thinking hard
2. KILLS motivation

If you have neither, you will not have the drive or clarity to understand what you want or pursue.

That’s an automatic game over at step 1.

Brain fog comes from inflammation OR the body being in an overloaded/healing state.

This comes from booze, drugs, sugar, processed food, too much food, or environmental factors.

Here’s how you fix it.

STOP PUTTING STUPID SHIT IN YOUR BODY. Eat only low-inflammatory food.

Yes, there are supplements, etc.

95% of it is simply reducing your diet to clean meat, vegetables, and carbs.

Keyword REDUCTION. Keep a simple bland AF low inflammatory diet you can repeat.

Any diet can work.

B) Brain addictions

Now that you can THINK/access motivation, your brain must DESIRE what will move you forward.

It cannot do this if you DESIRE other stuff.

The problem is your brain does not desire success, it desires whatever generates the most dopamine.

Your brain rigs itself to default to the source of most dopamine in an environment.

Social media/Video Games/Partying/TV etc. This gives your brain a HUGE hit.

THUS your brain will focus on these things and ignore successful things.

HOWEVER once removed, your brain…

Will again…default to the next highest thing.

REMOVE shit till your brain is so bored it defaults to something productive.

This is how you find your passion. Your brain will automatically find something to cling to

Remove things for it to cling to till it hits something good

When you do this since your brain can’t get dopamine elsewhere it will become obsessed over the good things.

You will then be able to work on the good thing in the same way addicts play WoW for 24 hours straight

In short: Remove anything you find yourself focusing on that bad

Here is an example of me doing this.

While I play games now, while I was building my company (now valued at 9 figures)

I removed all sources of dopamine from my life.

C) Life complexity

Now you have motivation, clarity, and desire.

The last thing is life complexity.

Most men have SO MUCH SHIT in their life they have to deal with.

Car, furniture, friends/GF, rent, house. Think of all the shit you have to deal with every day and manage.

This eats up so much of your energy and time. This energy and time should be focused on making you successful.

Not dealing with trivial life bullshit. You will have all of your old age to collect furniture and horde and deal with your wife or own a boat.

Put it off…

In short. Move away from people, live somewhere cheap, own nothing, and voila. Your entire time/energy is free to chase your goals.

Here’s a bigger thought explanation of it.

If you do those 3. Voila.

You have clarity, motivation, desire & energy, time, and focus. This is all a man needs to achieve what he wants.

Doing this has built me a 9 figure company, an income of millions per month, and a life of purpose where I just wake up and have fun every day.

The only PROBLEM with these 3 things is it requires you to actually sacrifice many things.

However, if you fail to sacrifice now, your goals/purpose/what you really want out of life will instead be the sacrifice.

So in short.

Stop being a beta male pussy ass boy who needs constant sugar, Tik Tok, women’s approval, and house/objects that financially stretch you to feel “okay”.

Stop being a bitch who’s scared of giving up the smallest comfort to get what you want.

The end.

BONUS: Stop reading self-help books. Stop chasing motivation. Stop with the RAW RAW “GRINDING” high talk low action Instagram lifestyle bull shit.

Stop being a Tik Tok boy, sacrifice the stupid shit that holds you back, and just get your fucking priorities in order.

Who is Alex Becker?

Alex Beker is a famous, multi-faceted online marketer, entrepreneur, author, and speaker who has made it big and continues to invest his wealth in projects that he believes will continue making him millions as he pursues his interests. He is the founder of Hyros(sold recently for 110 million dollars), and, Source Wave, MarketHero. He is currently building NeoTokyo. He is also a famous YouTuber.

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