Hi there, how are you doing? Hope you are well.

So today i read a quote and this is what it reads,

“I think between age 21 to 29, is a phase of hustle, suffering and smiling, depression, overthinking, wondering whether you’ll achieve and make it in life. 90s babies hope y’all alright, you’ll be okay someday, don’t lose hope”.

And i thought to my self “Damn, the true in this!”

We all have our struggles but i believe we’ll make it.

Just Stack Wins!

I write articles based on the knowledge my mentors + friends have passed down. Some of these mentors aren’t even that successful but as long as they are ahead, i learn from them. This isn’t marketing. It’s the truth.

So guys, go check out those articles. Do your own research and implement. Stack good compounding habits, stack investments, stack skills and stack your money. I’ll continue to write all the advice i get so that we can both implement them. And look, I’m not better off than you but i decided to take the initiative to stack up my wins. I have my crypto portfolio that has made me 8k in less than 3 months. I have my stock portfolio that has made me 2k in 6 months. And I’m going to keep stacking up good habits.

But before this, before the crypto portfolio before the stock portfolio i failed. And i failed a lot. I’m currently at business attempt 11. I’ve lost money. I almost completely gave up. I almost took my own life. In fact there was a time where i did nothing all day every day simply because things weren’t working . I didn’t know what to do, so i would waste my day watching anime, being depressed and sad. Angry at myself, hating myself. I knew no one was to blame for my situation it was all me and that made me hate myself so much. I’d “punish” myself by not eating, not putting myself out there. I stopped writing articles. I stopped trying business and i just gave up.

But somehow God brought me out of it. I don’t know how and why.

So guys especially in your teens, twenties and thirties, don’t give up. It’s not over yet.

Now I work out, i learn new things, i build my business and i work on my brands/dreams, i invest and i stack good habits. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

“Just Do It”

Here’s a link to the blog:

I talk about tech, life, personal finance and self improvement. I’m not an expert, and i often get knowledge from people going against the grain, so please do your own research.

The main lesson is

Stack up wins.

I don’t know what “ditch” you’re in right now but don’t stay there. It’s okay to get depressed, it’s okay to feel sad but guys there’s still so much you can do. You are still in your prime.

Look at most of these billionaires. They are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Tom Ford tried to invent the bulb 10,000 times, so don’t give up.

I’ve failed more times than i can count, i still do but i decided to learn from them and grow. #growthmindset

Don’t give up.


You’ll often find that direction is better than speed.

Have a great day!

“And don’t forget to stack them wins!”

A tower isn’t built in a day rather it’s built by stacking brick after brick every day.

So now the question is,

Are you stacking or are you slacking?


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