Hi! Today I’ll teach you hidden body fragrance techniques for a lasting and more powerful effect.

1. Back of The Neck

You see anywhere with a lot of veins tend to be slightly warmer than the rest of the body. Spraying the back of your neck with your fragrance of choice is assured to spread more evenly and last longer. Plus every time you enter a room, you’ll leave a trail of your fragrance as you walk.

2. Front Sides of Your Neck

Spraying here achieves a similar effect only twice as strong because you see the sides of your neck house the Jugular Vein and the Carotid Artery, these are heat centers as warm blood travels up and down the neck. Spraying here means, you can start by smelling high tones, the at the middle of the day mid-tones then finally low tones thanks to the heat.

3. Below your palms

This is another heating zone that can be taken advantage of via spraying perfume on them.

4. Chest Area

The chest contains 2 of the most important organs, the heart, and the lungs. It’s also one of the hot areas due to the activity and warm blood.

5. Armpits

I won’t explain this as you are probably already applying some sort of fragrance. I recommend pairing a perfume and a deodorant.

Bonus: 6. Inside your elbows

You see just like the armpits the inside of your elbows pack some heat, spraying here is beneficial.

Bonus 7: Your Hair

There’s a hidden technique known as “Layering”, packing a hair spray makes sure 1 Your hair won’t smell and 2 there will be a scented bubble all around you.

I recommend using a maximum of any 3 of these techniques. Stop wasting perfume by spraying the air then moving to the sprayed area. Do not overapply otherwise you’ll come off as obnoxious. Don’t use more than 1 perfume for the body unless you know what you are doing. Stop spraying on clothes otherwise, each perfume you use will compound and confuse.

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Here’s the detailed info on the 3 perfumes



Scent: Bergamot - Turkish Rose - Iris Sandalwood

As soon as you walk into a room, women notice you. You carry yourself with seductive energy. When women approach you and ask what you are wearing, you tell them, Come Closer.



Scent: Grapefruit - St. Thomas Pepper - Oak Moss

Even if you are not the boss, you are destined to conquer. You are the CEO of your life. Be a man of class and taste, known to be focused and powerful.



Scent: Grapefruit - Cardamom - Cedarwood

Your everyday fragrance. Something that isn’t too empowering but, when notices, compliments you without effort. For the times you see a long-lost ex-girlfriend or someone important you stumble across, you’re always leaving them an impression.

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