Hello guys, today I’ll cover 20 red flags that if you see from a woman, run away very fast.

  1. Too many male friends and male best friends
  2. Calls you and/or other men “bro”
  3. Calls herself “Queen”, “Bitch”, “Princess” and/or “Brat”
  4. Heavily tattooed and pierced
  5. Dislikes her father/daddy issues
  6. Is a feminist
  7. Earns more than you - Not necessarily a red flag. But a word of caution. Make sure you earn more, this ties in with the next point
  8. Is older than you - if she’s younger it will be easier for her to respect you vs vice-versa
  9. Is fat - If she’s fat and is comfortable being fat, she will have issues with childbirth. Not to mention her hormones are messed up and she’s likely very moody.
  10. Has kids from different fathers - Do I really need to tell you why this is bad? The only time this is understandable is if she’s been widowed multiple times. But this in itself is also a red flag. She could be a “black widow spider”.
  11. Has kids, period - Unless widowed. Simply because you will have the responsibility of taking care of the kids but you won’t be able to discipline the kids
  12. Is unhappy and unlucky - If laughter and yawning are contagious, then guess what? Being unhappy and unlucky are too. There are those you can help but generally, most women prefer not being changed by a man.
  13. Always negative - A person dear to me calls them “People with a Ph.D. (Pull him Down)”. Negativity is contagious.
  14. Keeps men from her past around - This is a big red flag. Why would you keep someone you ended a relationship with around?
  15. Poor with money - It will be your money that she will mismanage.
  16. Is violent - Unless you like to be hit by a woman like a submissive beta. Stay away.
  17. Likes to party too much - Not a good sign.
  18. Doesn’t respect you - If a woman doesn’t respect you she will cheat on you. Simple as that.
  19. Big notch/body counts - A woman who has been with multiple men CAN NOT be monogamous. It’s impossible. She has formed multiple soul ties with men and is therefore unable to form a solid bond with a single man. Be very careful with these types. They will cheat on you multiple times and not feel guilty. Stay away especially if she lost her virginity while she was very young unless she was raped.
  20. Very active on social media posting sexy or somewhat sexy pics - This means she’s looking for someone else.
  21. Bonus: Is into astrology and new age beliefs
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