Hi there! Welcome back to Ajulu’s Thoughts. Today I’d like to teach you 10 tips that could save your life.

Tip 1: Never share your location

It’s so easy these days for kidnappers to find you and know a lot about you. Be careful not to mention where you live online as this can help bad guys find and kidnap you or even break into your house and steal all your belongings. Yes, I understand the pressure to post online but don’t do it. Extra tip: Use more than one way home. Don’t always follow the same route home. One must act as if they are being watched by attackers, thieves, and kidnappers all the time. Learn the skill of Situational Awareness. It will save your life. Become the grey man. I’ll post an article about this later in the course of the month.

Tip 2: Never share your telephone number with anyone you meet online

Unless of course, you’ve met the person. There are so many sex offenders and nut cases online. If you are not careful you could easily fall into a trap and end up bullied or worse sexually abused. Extra tip: If you are meeting someone you’ve met before, always choose a crowded area, never disclose how you look and what you are wearing, first carefully analyze them from afar before finally meeting. Never agree to go to someplace quieter or less crowded unless you are sure, and even in these cases, maintain situational awareness and stay alert for any movements that the person you are meeting is making.

Tip 3: Avoid oversharing

The modern era is plagued with this. Everyone is trying to show everyone else what they have. Please note that thieves are also viewing your possessions and plotting.

Avoid oversharing.

Tip 4: Comb through your emails carefully

Nowadays someone with ill intentions is one website away from sending you a phishing email that will encourage you to do something that might expose your bank accounts, passwords, location, and more. Never provide these unless you are sure. Tripple check emails!

Tip 5: Never share personal data with anyone

In this day and age, we count on other people to do some tedious tasks for us. A common example is filling KRA tax returns(Kenyans) be careful not to give your attendant personal details.

Tip 6: Avoid capturing sensitive videos and images

We can’t even trust our phones. Apps spy. Phone companies spy. Internet Providers spy. Be very careful not to capture nude pictures or videos. Otherwise, you may end up in a “leak”. Think about how these “leaks” happen. Don’t take inappropriate photos of yourself. Don’t send them unless you are begging for them to be leaked!

Tip 7: Avoid creating stupidly weak passwords

This one is annoying. Keep off passwords such as 1234567, password, admin, “your name”, “your id/social security number”, “your date of birth” and the likes, I’ve posted a list of such passwords. I’ll post the latest version after this post.

Tip 8: Avoid sharing devices

This is a no-brainer. If you share ensure private sensitive documents are locked

Tip 9: Change passwords regularly

I’d recommend once every 6 months. But if you are meticulous, once every 3 months will do. I recommend you use a password manager. My favorite is Bitwarden. Go check it out. Extra tip: Don’t use the same password multiple times

Tip 10: Use the right software

Listen, I get it, I get it. Pirated software is free and cool but you need to realize that there’s nothing free in this world except oxygen. And even that is slowly becoming paid. If there’s no other way, fine. Use it but remember not to blame people for your own faults when your computer becomes infected, locked, or unable to start.

Extra tip: Always check the URL of the site you are visiting or submitting any information. Ensure there’s a padlock or that the URL starts with HTTPS://. I’d recommend you install HTTPS Always Extention.

For more info, feel free to email me: . I’m offering an affordable consultation and will help you avoid data leaks and more.

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