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Hello! My name is Stephen Ajulu. I live in Nairobi, Kenya. I am a Front End Web Developer, Ethical Hacker, Researcher and Graphics/UI/UX Designer.

I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

I have always had a high level of enjoyment and excitment that comes from being able to solve problems, create new things and learn(I have an appetite for knowledge). It is the main reason i started started my blog back in 2016, to increase awareness, educate and help people learn through research. You can visit the blog here: Ajulu’s Thoughts.

Here are some of the companies i have founded and/or co-founded i.e. OwlSec Technologies, Quevant e-Store, Alusa SS Investment among, Pineteso(coming soon, social media for photographers) among others.

I created my social media presence because i wanted to build my personal brand and also sharing knowledge.

My goal is to spread cybersecurity, ethical hacking, privacy and anonymity awareness and help grow our community in the process.

I am currently most interested in web applications, networks, cybersecurity, ethical hacking, android and technology in general.

During my free time, i enjoy reading, playing games, blogging, researching(i believe knowledge is power), fine tuning my skills, creating things(websites, logos, etc), watching movies(Genres: Sci-Fi, Tortured Genius, Cyberpunk among others).

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  • Scalable distributed systems (infrastructure, networks, microservices)
  • Machine Learning/AI
  • Image/Video processing
  • Cyber Security
  • Ethical Hacking
  • File servers / personal datacenter / NAS
  • Blockchain
  • Embedded Systems (IoT)
  • Electrical engineering
  • Full Stack Development
  • Backend
  • Android app and Software Development
  • French
  • Docker and Kurbenetics (Not sure if that’s how its spelt)
  • Progressive Web Applications
  • Flutter
  • Algorithms

Btw go check out my blog here. Topics range from Technology, Cybersecurity, Ethical Hacking, Privacy, Anonymity to Self Improvement, Career, Business, Fashion and Fitness.


This site is built on Jekyll, the theme i am using is Kross from Themefisher. It is responsive and mobile friendly. I am hosting it on Github Pages for free. I am using Cloudflare for it’s Content Delivery Network, SSL(HTTPS), Caching, Auto minifying and DOS protection services. It’s free. Icons are from Themify. Fonts are served through Google Fonts. Got my Domain Name from Namecheap. Forms built with Formspree This is my third website. Version 2. Version 1. Version 0 I can help you build yours.

I went with Jekyll instead of WordPress because:
  • Jekyll is fast - It’s a static site what does one expect. Though i wish it was faster. According to GTMetrics. My site’s YSlow and Pagespeed rating is 78% with a page load of 1.1s. Mobile rating is 74%, Desktop rating 97%.

  • Jekyll is more affordable - Let’s not pretend that you enjoy paying those 100 dollars for hosting. I honestly never encountered a good WordPress hosting service where it’s price was below 70 dollars.

  • Jekyll keeps me on my toes - Version 2 of my site had over 800 commits and it barely lasted 2 months. So 800 commits in 2 months. I have come to appreciate Liquid and markdown. The entire website is under my command! Bwahahaha! Basically i have full control. Admin privilages. Root Permision. I can remove things and add things.

To summarize this with one sentence: Jekyll on GitHub Pages with Cloudflare DNS is faster than Wordpress, cheaper than Squarespace, and is more professional than Wix.



HP Elitebook 840 G2(Matte Black)

  • Intel Core i7 -5600U Processor clocked at 2.60GHz x 4
  • Intel HD 5500 Intergrated Graphics Card
  • AMD Radeon R7 M260x 1GB Graphic Card
  • 12 GB R.A.M
  • 750 GB Internal HDD
  • Running Windows 10 Professional Edition- This is my daily driver, i use it to surf, game, graphic and web design, pentest
  • Vmware Workstation with Kali Linux(Pentesting OS of choice), Ubuntu, Netcop, Metasploitable, Damn Vulnerable Machine, Window 7, Remix Os(android) and Linux Mint (You should know most of the OS listed here are for practising penetration testing and also for enjoyment)


HP Compaq Pro 6305 SFF

  • AMD A10-5800B 3.8GHz x 4
  • 4 GB R.A.M
  • 500 GB Internal HDD


Nokia 6(Matte Black)

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 Processor clocked at 1.40GHz x 8
  • 4 GB R.A.M
  • 64 GB Internal Storage
  • Android 7.1.1-
  • This is my primary device, it has Termux(With Kali Nethunter rootfs and a few ported and compiled scripts and tools) and Userland(Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Arch Linux rootfs) installed, i use it for places i cannot carry my laptop and ofcourse communication and social media it also contains alot of other apps you can read about here: Apps I Run on my Smartphone

  • Panda PAU05 for Wi-Fi pentesting(Not Working)
  • Ethernet cable
  • AUX cable
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W(Soon to install PoisonTap)
  • Feature Phone
  • 750GB External HDD
  • 2500mAh Powerbank
    Tablet Keyboard(For typing on my Nokia)
  • USB Mouse
  • Tech Bag(small bag for carrying all these stuff)
  • Among others


– Windows 10 Professional (Couldnt start this list without it but i am considering going to Arch or Debian)

  • Powershell Preview 7 (It’s like the terminal for Windows. I run scripts, build websites etc with it)
  • Firefox (Browser of choice but i do use Chrome once in a while)
  • Hyper (I us this as a “front” for powershell because i love how it looks and i can quickly switch to bash)
  • Visual Studio Code (I used to use Sublime. It is awsome but VSC has stolen my heart :-) )
  • VMware Workstation Pro (I virtualize up to 15 OSes for ethical hacking and just trying the linux experience)
  • Chocolatey (My terminal/dos package manager of choice)
  • File Optimizer (Optimizes images for websites to speed up load times plus it has other applications, supports lossey or lossless)
  • Handbrake (To make this simple, it’s a video file converter but in reality its much more)
  • Kdenlive (Video Editor of choice, part of my linux experience experiment)
  • Notion/Evernote (Note taking/making apps of choice)
  • Adobe XD (Actually never used it, UI/UX app)
  • HTTrack Website Copier (The description is in the name)
Stephen Ajulu

Stephen Ajulu

Work Process


Research and Plan

I conduct a research based on the client’s specifications then plan the work


Design and Develop

After Research and Planning, i then develop/create/design the product/service



After Designing and Developing i deliver the desired product/service to the client, with instructions how to operate the product/service